The Journey Begins

There’s Power In The Tongue! The tongue is probably one of the most dynamic organs we boast. It can speak life or cut souls deeply. In short, it is powerful. I’ve always had a message, but out of fear of what others would think, I’ve kept it buried beneath witty or flippant commentary. After years […]

How I Booked My FIRST Speaking Engagement!

The formula was everything but magical. In fact, the formula involved getting out of my own head. Once I decided to embark on this new journey I began the legwork. I would need a website, a highlight reel, an email address and so on and so forth. I quickly became so entangled in the planning […]

Three Tips For Conquering Imposter Syndrome

“I have written eleven books but each time I think…’uh oh, they are going to find me out now.’” –Maya Angelou In just a few short months, I will take the stage at an International Women’s Conference to speak on Imposter Syndrome. If you’re not familiar, Imposter Syndrome (or Imposterism), is that nagging voice in […]

Dig Deep. Find Your Happiness.

We’ve all done it. We’ve marveled (or sometimes rolled our eyes) at the “happy people.” We’ve wondered how they could maintain so much pep in their step or keep a smile even during the storms of life (plus we all work everyday so who can really be that happy??). Well folks, we have two options. […]

Happy New Year!

Can you believe it?! We are in the second decade of the millennium! No matter how you brought in the New Year, I hope it was filled with peace. 2019 may have been amazing for you. It could have also been filled with moments you would much rather forget. Despite your perspective about the last […]