Dig Deep. Find Your Happiness.

We’ve all done it. We’ve marveled (or sometimes rolled our eyes) at the “happy people.” We’ve wondered how they could maintain so much pep in their step or keep a smile even during the storms of life (plus we all work everyday so who can really be that happy??). Well folks, we have two options. We can either stand outside and continue to look in and wonder….or we can join them. I personally say…if you can’t beat them, join them…right?

This has been an ongoing issue in my life and the lives of most people as we navigate through life. We are bruised, bloodied, worn down and stressed out often. Sometimes it just seems as if we can’t catch a break. My encouragement for you is to dig deep and find your reason to smile. We ALL have a reason to smile.

First, the fact that you are reading this is a reason to smile. We are not immortal…but you’re here in this moment. You’re breathing…and you made it through another day! I don’t know about you, but that’s enough for me to jump up and click my heels together (although I can’t quite figure out how to do that!). Your bills are paid….or something was paid, because you have the ability to open this email and read it. 

Finally, the fact that you’re here today means you have a 100% track record for being an overcomer. You’ve successfully conquered all of the sometimes long days in your life that came before this one. 

We don’t remind ourselves of some of the above enough. We get caught up in what we have not done or caught up in worry. STOP! Right now….loudly inhale and exhale and listen to your breath. It’s there. Did you hear it? That, my friend, means you’re alive. If you need to dig deeper, dig. But for now, let’s just celebrate life.