-Dr. Connie Book, President, Elon university

"[Her] remarks to the students were on the mark. It is never about perfection, only the road striving for excellence takes us."

S. C., Charlotte, NC

"Shantia's implicit bias training really made an impact on my dad.We were on a family Zoom call and a relative made a statement that showed some bias. My dad then proceeded to tell her about implicit bias before I could even open my mouth. The dialogue that came next was amazing! Shantia truly makes a difference with her work."

-Ira O. Credle, Retired Military Officer

“[Shantia] is authentic. She is sincere. She is REAL! She is a global leader.”

-Tres McMichael, Program Director at Maryland Leadership Workshops

“As a young black man coming of age in an increasingly competitive and divisive world, I have always felt like I had to be nearly perfect just to get by. In a room filled with hundreds of people, Shantia was able to take some of that weight off and speak directly to my situation. Through her own testimony of self-doubt, insecurity, and perfectionism, she made me feel like I was not alone in this struggle without even knowing my name. She made me feel like there was more to my life than busyness and the crippling need to please everyone. After hearing her speak, I went on the radical journey of self-care and self-love. I found a therapist, I became more present, and I started to “show up” for myself in ways I had not done before. Her charismatic personality accompanied with a poignant message came at a time when I did not even know that I needed it. Almost a year later, I am still grateful for the lessons learned and hopeful that they will last a lifetime.”

-Cameron B. Davis, Manager, Met Life Auto & Home

“Shantia is a dynamic powerful speaker who engages her audience with every word. She engaged the audience and spoke motivationally as she encouraged them to follow their dreams. By the end of her keynote the entire audience felt as if they could tackle any obstacle which resulted in a standing ovation! She truly is an awesome individual!”

-Student, Northern Michigan University

"I am a first generation college student and find it hard to navigate through the college thing. I’m inspired by you to always persevere even when times get tough."

-Dr. Frederick Lester, Chief Data Strategist, Ulwazi Analytics International

“I saw one of Shantia’s videos on LinkedIn. Clearly there is an anointing on her life to transform the lives of others. God bless her!”

- A. T., Raleigh, NC

"Shantia was incredible today! I very much enjoyed hearing the entire panel but she really spoke to my heart and made me feel so empowered. Thank you, Shantia, so much for speaking today, doing what you do and being a badass woman and role model."