The Wale Institute

The WALE Institute houses a variety of workshops and trainings for you and your group.


Wellness embodies so much more than just physical fitness. Let’s talk about affirmations, mindset and the power of boundary setting and the word “no!”


Find your voice with Shantia’s workshops on negotiation, public speaking and advocacy!


Whether you are a student or a professional, leadership skills are a must! Shantia’s Leadership workshops are meant to push you out of your comfort zones.


Achieving diversity is barely scraping the surface. Shantia creates a safe space to discuss inclusion, tolerance, unconscious bias and microaggressions in and outside of the workplace.

Let’s Get UN-comfortable!

Campus and College Life

College can be daunting for many! As a First Generation College student, it was particularly daunting for Shantia. In fact, she almost quit (several times)! Shantia speaks to students on campuses across the nation on “Getting Uncomfortable To Get Comfortable.” She shares the tools she used to build confidence, acquire leadership skills and step out of her comfort zone to excel and reach new heights.

Race, Equity and Inclusion

More Than A Checkbox: Making the Leap from Diversity to Inclusion!

In The Law: Attorneys of color make up less than 15% of the legal profession. Additionally, this profession is largely dominated by male attorneys. With such a large disparity, Shantia focuses on ensuring that firms, corporations and other legal professionals are actively engaging in conversations and strategies to address retention rates of women and lawyers of color. She speaks from her firsthand experiences in the public interest, law firm and the corporate sectors.
Outside of The Law: Unconscious Bias, Micro-Aggressions and Inclusion, Oh My! The issues of diversity and inclusion are not unique to the legal profession, as a result, Shantia lends her poignant and thoughtful perspective on micro-aggessions, inclusion tactics, the business case for diversity and more to various other groups in the academic, professional, social and religious arenas. Just contact her to tailor your talk today!

Emotional Resiliency, Wellness and Affirmative Living

Conquering Imposter Syndrome and Defeating The Odds

Shantia makes no bones about her struggles as a first generation college student. She silently struggled through feeling unaccepted but was motivated by her goal of breaking her family’s generational cycle. She speaks to various groups on how she managed her struggles in order to encourage others feeling as if they are not enough.

Emotional Resiliency and Wellness Workshops

Shantia truly believes that there is no way to make it through life on top without the self-awareness needed to focus on emotional resiliency. Self-care has become a cliche’ term, but Shantia explores what mental wellness really means for professionals and students from all walks of life.

Affirmative Living and The Power of the Tongue!

“The conscious mind has the ability to believe what the brain chooses to tell it.” Many do not understand the power in the words they speak over their priorities, intentions, professions and steps. Shantia teaches affirmation development and implementation to any and all audiences regardless of setting.

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